Household Fix Tape

Unique-tech Household Fix Tape is an extremely convenient and effective product for the emergency repair of different kinds of household tools like garden tools,hammer,shovel,chairs,desk,bed etc.Quick and simple to use with no mixing or measuring required. A successful household tools repair can be achieved in only 30 minutes.

Resin Makeup Water-activated Polyurethane
Heat Resistance 150°C (300°F)
Pressure Resistance Internal Pressure up to 15Mpa (5075psi)
Bonds to Most Pipes
  • Steel
  • Polypipe
  • PVC
  • Fibreglass
  • Copper
Set Time 20 – 30 minutes, sets under water
Chemical, Fuel and Oil Resistant
  • Acid lines
  • Oils
  • Gas
  • Sea water

For Household Fix Tape,normal size as below: ( The length can be produced as your need)

NO. Specification Carton Size cm Packing


5.0×360 cm/roll 60x40x41 1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn


7.5x360cm/roll 60x40x41 1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn


10.0x360cm/roll 60x40x41 1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 12boxes/ctn


12.5x360cm/roll 60x40x41 1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 9boxes/ctn


15.0x360cm/roll 60x40x41 1roll/bag, 10bags/box, 9boxes/ctn

* Clean and roughen the damaged area with the metal file or wire brush, which will help resulting a more successful repair.

* Put gloves on,Soak bandage in fresh water for 10 seconds. Squeeze bandage 1-2 times while in water to help activation.

* Squeeze out the access water, apply the bandage spirally around the damaged area. Extending up to 50mm (2″)either side of the broken area.
* With wet gloves, squeeze the bandage with a rotating motion until resin stops foaming and is set.

Bond in 30 minutes Pipe Repair Bandage
Tips: To achieve the best result,the bandage should be more than 10mm thick (10-15 layers). Allow 30 minutes for bandage to set rock-hard.